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Terms and conditions

Terms shop

I. Introductory provisions
Terms and Conditions (the Terms & Conditions) govern the relationships and define mutual rights and obligations between the operator (dealer) and the customer online store.

II. Order conditions
The seller made an offer of goods through an online store at, eventually. through other online sales tools, or by telephone communication with the Seller. Online store of Seller allows the Buyer offered currently viewing particular product search and order the desired items selected goods. The buyer orders goods mainly electronically directly from the Internet via a form created just for this purpose. This order is delivered by the seller deemed valid and binding purchase contract proposal, if it contains all the particulars required by the order form. The purchase contract is a confirmation by the seller, or delivery and acceptance of goods ordered by the customer. Vendor is in all cases entitled to ask the customer to authorize the order appropriately, usually by telephone or e-mail. If a customer refuses to authorize the request is considered invalid. Buyer may cancel the order without any penalty if the goods were not shipped yet. In other cases, the seller is entitled to reimbursement demonstrably incurred costs, especially shipping. Seller may cancel the order only if the goods are not produced, does not supply or significantly changed its price and the buyer does not agree with her.

III. Delivery and payment conditions
The seller sends the goods to the customer usually within 7 (in words: seven) working days after order confirmation. All prices include VAT. The seller guarantees the price of the tender and at the time of booking to the customer. Seller delivers the goods ordered through the Czech Post. The place of delivery is the mailing address provided by the buyer when ordering the order form. The customer is the owner of the goods after payment of the purchase price. 
 The seller reserves the right to refuse an order buyer who previously retired or duly paid obligatorily ordered goods.

IV. Compliance with the contract
Seller is responsible for the buyer to sell the thing is to take over by the buyer in accordance with the contract and that it is free from defects. In the event that the matter on receipt by the buyer is not in conformity with the contract (hereinafter referred to as "conflict with the contract"), the buyer has the right to the seller free of charge and without undue delay, put the product in accordance with the purchase contract, and according to by exchanging the buyer, or correction, unless such procedure is not possible, the buyer may request a reasonable discount on the price or withdraw from the contract. This does not apply if the buyer about the conflict with the contract knew or conflict with the contract he has caused.

V. Claims
Buyer may lodge a complaint by sending the goods to claim through the Czech Post.
In the case of sending defected goods to complaint by delivery service - at the expense of the purchaser - to complaint department address vendor consignment must be clearly marked "COMPLAINT", and include: defective goods, including necessary accessories, a copy of the purchase document, cover letter (including details of the defect and specification of rights which the purchaser in connection with complaints), or other documents relating to goods supply, and sufficient buyer contact details (return address, phone number). Goods that will be sent to the seller's costs will not be accepted.
In the case of sending defected goods to complaint the buyer must complete and submit goods in suitable packaging material that meets the transport requirements of the delivered goods - preferably in the original packaging. Seller is not obliged to accept goods under complaint, if not properly packed and delivered with the required components and accessories.
In the case of illegitimate complaint goods will be at the expense and risk of the buyer sent to the address indicated, unless otherwise agreed.
Complaints, including the removal of defects, must be handled without undue delay, within 30 days of the claim, unless the seller and the buyer agree to a longer period. After this period the purchaser has the same rights as if they were irremovable defect.
The seller, after examining the submitted documents and check goods under complaint shall recognize the complaint as legitimate and in place receives goods to the complaint procedure and it in writing, or reject the claim as illegitimate and returns goods to the buyer, or accepts goods under complaint to expertise in authorized service, based on the results of the complaint will be either accepted as legitimate and properly executed, or will be rejected and goods returned to the purchaser.
The fact which the law from liability for damages claimed, as well as repair and its duration, or by way of complaint handling, the seller will issue a written confirmation to the purchaser - Claim protocol.
The method of claim settlement purchaser shall notify the seller previously agreed procedure (the means of communication at a distance or in writing).

VI. Warranty returns, refunds
In the event that the contract is concluded through this online store, the buyer in accordance with § 53 odst.6 OBC. Act No. 40/1964Sb. as amended by subsequent legislation the right to withdraw from the purchase contract. If the delivered goods and the supply conditions do not correspond to the order or requirements of the buyer, the buyer is entitled to unused and undamaged, if the clothes clean and unworn goods, together with proof of purchase to send back to the contractors own expense within a maximum of 14 days.
Customer will be paid the full purchase price of the goods and transfer to the account within the deadline set for a refund. We return the full purchase price for the goods, not shipping costs. Please do not send goods on delivery, COD shipments can not be taken due to checking the status of the goods.
If the customer will need to return the money either for the canceled order, or order returned for a claim, it shall do so within 14 days after the claim for refund, and only transfer to the customer. The requirement to track the money back after receipt of the returned goods to the address of the facility. Please always state the account number to which the money should be sent.

VII. Privacy
Any personal or company information that you provide during the use of Internet commerce to the Seller shall be considered confidential and protected according to relevant regulations. Operator agrees that such data will not provide third parties. 
 You have the right to delete their personal data from customer database operator if you have made no order of goods or services on the basis of a written request to the address of the operator. This request must include your username.

VIII. Final provisions
These Terms and Conditions relating to business transactions arising from the purchase of goods in e-shop Seller reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions. In all trades made in the online store covered by a valid law of the Czech Republic. Terms come into force with the publication of the e-shop


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