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Gotu kola (Centella Asiatica)

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Increased mental capacity

  • It improves memory, concentration, concentration and ability to learn.
  • It helps to alleviate headaches
  • It helps your body at an elevated body temperature, sleep disorders.
  • Reduces fatigue and depressed mood.
  • Reduces the impact of negative phenomena associated with aging (loss of energy, fatigue, dizziness).
  • It improves the function of peripheral blood circulation (elimination of the emergence and development of urban and clot).
  • It slows down the degenerative changes in brain and peripheral network.

In Europe, the umbilical cord is mainly popular for a positive effect on memory, which is probably due to improved blood circulation in the brain, but no action is possible interference with the neurotransmitter network. This would explain not only improve memory and learning ability, but also confirmed in modern research to improve the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

In Indian Ayurvedic medicine is popular gotukola called Mandukaparni primarily on vascular diseases and circulatory system. The umbilical cord has a beneficial effect on connective tissue. Improves vascular tone, which is used eg for varicose veins. Increases in the production of articular cartilage, but also in the dermis, which is used for cellulite, burns, keloid scars and to promote healing of wounds and ulcers.

In Eastern medicine it is used for thousands of years, and the Chinese consider it a miracle elixir of youth.

This plant belongs to the herbs for the regeneration of the nervous system, which calms and strengthens the nerve and remove blockages. It promulgated a means to support intelligence and memory. In India, called "Herb Yogi finds particular application in psychiatric disorders, including depressive states, reduces stress and anxiety, helps with epilepsy, hypochondria, premature aging and chronic forgetfulness.

Side effects are not known, not intended for children and pregnant women.

In our shop you will also find this herb in the form of Gotu Kola extract 40tbl. and harmonizing herbal blend of a Piece of mind, along with Occinum sanctum.

Preparation: teaspoon Gotu wheels pour 0.25 l of boiling water. The infusion set aside 10-20 minutes to infuse in a covered container and then drain. The daily dose is 2-4 cups.

Content: Dried leaves Gotu Kola

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