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Ginseng true TaiwanTCM Liang (root 6 years old, chopped, red)

34,69 EUR tax incl.

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Root of true ginseng (Panax ginseng) prepared as 'red ginseng' (ginseng radix rubra)

In general, quality and price of ginseng varies greatly. We selected our product grades so as to offer, in our opinion, the best quality for the given price in each category.


Root of True Ginseng (Grade I, Manchuria)

Fully mature root containing appropriate quantities and ratios of all active substances.

  • 6 years old – the highest age category of farmed ginseng
  • prepared as 'red ginseng' (ginseng radix rubra) – steamed and dried
  • farmed in Manchuria, where true ginseng (Panax ginseng) naturally occurs
  • supplied in the quality suitable for Taiwanese TCM (better than regular quality)
  • sliced into uniform pieces

In general, contents of ginsenosides varies greatly depending on the ginseng quality in a broad range of 2-20%. Koreans, who certainly have no reason to exaggerate the quality of Manchurian ginseng, give its total ginsenoside contents at 10-15 wt. %. Apart from total ginsenoside contents, various types of ginseng differ in ratios of individual ginsenosides and other phytochemicals. The ginseng we offer here was supplied for use in TCM in Taiwan. Apart from superior pharmacological quality, it has also been tested for presence of pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

We have decided to offer this grade after our own testing of several different types of Manchurian ginseng. As far as we can judge, this grade should be able to provide most of the described ginseng effects.



Excellent for preparation of strong ginseng infusion, as well as daily use as regular ginseng tea. For long-term use, we recommend to take 1 slice daily (≈ 2g, exact dose is individual). Steep, if possible boil for at least 20 minutes, the longer the better. Suitable for overcoming stress, diseases of civilization and as a general invigorating agent.


High-quality ginseng for reasonable price. Optimal choice for experiencing the full spectrum of ginseng effects.



Adaptogenic psychotropic effect

  • effect against mental fatigue, exhaustion or drowsiness
  • anti-stress, sedative and hypnotic effect
  • anxiolytic effect (elimination of depression and anxiety, such as from difficult tasks
  • increase in the ability to concentrate, controls boredom and strengthens willpower
  • improvement in memory and short-term intellingence indicators (such as calculus or reasoning)


Adaptogenic effect on physical performance

  • anabolic effect
  • increase in athletic performance


Resistance to the external environment

  • antioxidant effect
  • hepatoprotective effect
  • stimulation of immune system


Aphrodisiac effect (increase in potency and libido)





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