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Ginseng true TaiwanTCM (root 3 years old, chopped, red)

17,16 EUR tax incl.

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Root of True Ginseng (Grade II, Manchuria)

  • three years - the lowest age category ginseng which makes sense to buy
  • comes from Manchuria, where the true ginseng (P. ginseng) naturally present
  • is regulated as red (ginseng radix rubra), the mating and drying
  • designed for Taiwanese TCM, therefore better than regular ginseng Manchuria
  • whole or slicing

The aim of this quality class is to provide a stimulant effects of ginseng for the best price. It is the "export" of Manchuria ginseng designed for Taiwan, a little better than current comparable Manchuria ginseng. It is intended for use mainly in the preparation of meals and drinks ženšenových.

In Asia, ginseng is often added to meals. Ginseng, garlic and kimči together form the so-called holy trio of Korean cuisine. When cooked pass the active substance in ginseng meal. Of special ženšenových recipes is probably the most famous chicken with ginseng (samgyetang), which is gaining popularity around the world.

This ginseng is suited to regular use as a stimulant tea (2-3 pieces of the tea 2dcl). It has good effects on the ratio of encouraging price and can complement or completely replace Caffeine drinks (coffee, tea, cola, energy drinks, etc.)


Adaptogenic psychotropic effect

  • effect against mental fatigue, exhaustion or drowsiness
  • anti-stress, sedative and hypnotic effect
  • anxiolytic effect (elimination of depression and anxiety, such as from difficult tasks
  • increase in the ability to concentrate, controls boredom and strengthens willpower
  • improvement in memory and short-term intellingence indicators (such as calculus or reasoning)

Adaptogenic effect on physical performance

  • anabolic effect
  • increase in athletic performance

Resistance to the external environment

  • antioxidant effect
  • hepatoprotective effect
  • stimulation of immune system

Aphrodisiac effect (increase in potency and libido)



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