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MycoChemo (180 tbl)

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MycoStress product is assembled on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. A balanced combination of the effects of medicinal mushrooms and Chinese medicinal plants. The author is a recipe MUDr.Lucký our leading specialist in traditional Chinese medicine.
MycoStress is focused on assistance in coping with stress differently somatizovaného. Somatization psychic tension transfer means to different parts of the body. Prolonged or severe stress suffering person will often feel many pressures and anxieties, especially at the front of the body - a lump in the throat, tightness or pressure in the chest, the need for deep prodýchnutí and sighing, the pressure in the solar plexus, around the stomach or gall bladder or intestines . Women are frequent somatization different menstrual pain. MycoStress combination helps relieve tension associated with the above listed somatization.
According to traditional Chinese medicine has MycoStress favorably with conditions such as:
Support psyche
Sleep Support
feeling crowded head
According to traditional Chinese medicine precedes almost every disease creating energy burst somewhere in the body. Energy cluster is caused by repressed emotions, according to a password - consciousness in the mind, emotions, body. Of repressed emotions arise aches and pain, anxiety, vague feelings that underlie physical illness, especially autoimmune nature. A combination of medicinal plants and Hericia mixed MycoStress actively seeks release these energy blocks in the body.
Hericium or coral bristly (Hericium erinaceus) - 42%, He Huan Pi or mimosa mimosa (Cortex albizziae) - 22%, Yu Jin or turmeric (Rhizoma curcumae) - 12%, Sheng Bai Shao, or peony mléčnokvětá (Radix paeoniae Alba) - 12% Sheng Suan Zao Ren or jujube (Semen ziziphi spinozae) - 9% ingredients: mikrokrystlická cellulose, magnesium stearate, colloidal silica, - 5 to 10%
The recommended daily dose is 6 tablets 2x daily (children aged 3-12 years 3 tablets 2x daily)
Take the tablets on an empty stomach (min. 20 minutes before a meal or 30 minutes after meals) glass of water or weak tea
Contents: 180 tablets of 350mg
The product is not intended for children under 3 years of age, pregnant and breastfeeding. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of CHILDREN. The product is not a substitute for a varied diet. It does not contain ephedrine, gluten, preservatives or colorings.
Products on this website are dietary supplements. It is not a medication and should not be confused for prescription drugs. On the basis of EU regulation no. 432/2006 for the products must not indicate any health, which could refer to their healing effects. Original informative texts are adapted to current legislation. The products thus will not find much information. Information about individual medicnálních mushrooms look at the publicly available sources.

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