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Sea buckthorn virgin oil 100ml , 100% cold pressed

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Sea Buckthorn is a unique natural concentrate of fatty acids and vitamin E, F, P, K, A, B and C. High-prized contains several times more carotene than carrots or pumpkin. The high content of vitamin E - an important antioxidant - prevents vascular sclerosis, and it dramatically reduces the risk of myocardial infarction.


  • acts as a biogenic stimulator, strengthens overall body
  • the antidepressant and anti-stress effect
  • occupies a significant position in the elimination of digestive problems
  • dissolves phlegm
  • facilitates degradation of toxic substances in the body
  • epithelium regenerates the skin at any burns and frostbite
  • successfully used for gynecological problems
  • useful in colds, rhinitis and sinusitis
  • for non-healing wounds
  • regulates cholesterol levels
  • suitable for the treatment of hemorrhoids
  • suitable for eczema, acne and herpes
  • suitable for sight

Buckthorn, from which we imported oil produced from ecologically clean areas of Siberia, where it grows in good conditions in the lush and diverse nature, without human intervention. During a short and intense summers of power plants collect the long and cold winter. The air smells of essential oils from the bushes, trees and herbs. At that time begets Buckthorn - a shrub of the genus olivovitých who loves light.

Light orange round fruits are also known as "Siberian pineapple", not only for taste similar to this exotic fruit, but also for its medicinal properties similar. These small balls are a source of enormous quantities of biologically active ingredients, it is also like our ancestors ate.

Sea buckthorn oil, long time ago ...
Use of Sea Buckthorn oil for medicinal purposes has a long history. Is widely used in antiquity to cure chronic diseases of the stomach, liver, respiratory tract, rheumatism, and purulent wounds on the skin.

Ancient Greeks used it as a means of regenerating the hair to give it a shine and healthy appearance. The Indian and Tibetan medicine are fruits, bark and leaves used in the preparation of the sea-10 complex medicinal mixtures, suggesting that the treatment of diseases of the digestive tract, inflammatory and purulent lung disease and bleeding. In eastern folk medicine for centuries to use ripe fruit of the plant juice from them printed in appetite, then externally for wounds and burns from the sun. Folk healers recommend the use of Sea Buckthorn, both internally and externally against hair loss, kurdějím (vitamin deficiency) and anemia.

Fruits of sea-buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) is so rich in vitamins and nutrients, it was speculated that an ancient cultivated plant breeder plant. The legend says that the ancient Greeks used the leaves of Sea as part of a diet of racehorses, hence the botanical name "Hippophae" - shiny horse. According to another legend, were the leaves of the sea-food favorite flying horse Pegasus to help him take off.


Ways to use:

  • treatment of frostbite and thermal and chemical burns and burns from radiation, including the healing of corneal burns
  • When treating burns and frostbite in the first and second degree is rakytníkovým oil rub affected areas of skin twice daily. It is optimal to apply the oil as soon as possible after damage or injury. Also works against pain, has healing and anti-inflammatory effects. It should take into account the effect of Sea Buckthorn oil ink, which persists for several days. It can also dye clothes. The deep thermal burns helps buckthorn oil regeneration process in these wounds and set the stage for skin grafting.
  • treatment of infected wounds
  • In these cases, dressings made once a day so that on the morning accompanied by a gauze pad soaked rakytníkovým lightly with oil.
  • eczema, neurodermatitis, herpes
  • treatment and prophylaxis of local radiation burns due to the therapy of some cancer, such as diseases of the esophagus, bladder, rectum, female genital area.
  • In these cases, before irradiation inserted into hollow organs swab seabuckthorn oil or oil infusions are performed.
  • gynecological inflammatory disease, cervical erosion, vaginitis, inflammation of the lining of the uterus neck. A good therapeutic effect is also observed in inflammatory diseases of the rectum.
  • inflammation of the nasal mucosa, laryngitis, pharyngitis and tonsillitis
  • It is necessary during the week 2-3 times a day to combat nasal congestion and throat with a cotton swab moistened with seabuckthorn oil.
  • inflammatory gum disease and periodontitis
  • It is a good example swab rakytníkovým oil on the inflamed site for 10-15 minutes. This procedure can be repeated 1-2 times a day during the week to fourteen days.
  • diseases of the digestive tract, especially ulcerative disease of stomach and duodenum, and gastritis.

When these diseases are advised to use oil, one teaspoon of 15-20 minutes before meals 3-4 times a day during the month. This concerns mainly the spring and autumn period when there is worsening symptoms of these diseases. During the first 3-4 days of administration of fluid may be a transient worsening of symptoms, which is soon succeeded by a rapid improvement.

Therapeutic effects of the sea-is still clearly outweigh the effects of modern chemical medicinal products.

Composition: 100% cold-pressed oil from the fruits and leaves Buckthorn řešetlátového

Side effects: bright colors

Content: 100ml

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