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Polyporus Extract (90 capsules)

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Medicinal mushroom Polyporus - Polyporus umbellatus - Choros Oris - ZHU LING, is used in traditional Chinese medicine TCM as a natural antibiotic for more than 1,000 years. Its antibacterial properties are proved using both to disinfect wounds and the general strengthening of the body. The famous ice mummy Ötzi was carrying Choros closely related to Polypore - It is anticipated that the protection against infection. This sponge comprises a diuretic substances which regulate the flow of lymph. For mykoterapii is often used, which is located below the surface of the earth, which is called the sclerotium. The active substances contained in it are in extremely high concentrations. 
According to traditional medicine supports: 
swelling, drainage and lymph flow 
healthy immune system 
combat chlamydia, yeast 
regulation of blood pressure 
hair, skin 
Detailed information 
The manufacture of our products use extracts of medicinal mushrooms. The purpose teraputickému this form most suitable and most frequently used worldwide. MycoMedica Polyporus extract is about 20 times more concentrated than the dried powder of the hub, so that its action is effective! 
The content of polysaccharides in the extract MycoMedica Polyporus is at least 25% (250mg / g). 
when health problems: 3-4 capsules daily to alleviate the problem (it is advisable to consult a physician or practitioner of Chinese medicine) 
for the preventive use: 1-2 capsules daily (2-3 months a year) 
pocket take on an empty stomach (Min.20 minutes before or 30 minutes after a meal), glass of water or weak tea 
Information for professionals 
Polyporus umbellatus 
other names 
Lumpy holder, Grifola umbellata, Choros umbrella, chuling, zhuling, zhu ling, chorea 
Short profile 
It seems that Polyporus umbellatus been used in traditional Chinese medicine as a natural antibiotic TCM more than 1,000 years. The antibacterial activity has been proven to use both disinfect wounds and general strengthening the organism. The famous ice mummy Ötzi held Choros closely related with Polyporus - is assumed that protection against infection. This fungus is now known as a diuretic substance that regulates the flow of lymph. In mykoterapii used compact woven mycelial mass located below the surface of the earth, which is called the sclerotium, rather than nascent body. The substances contained in it have extremely high concentrations. 
Use tested in practice 
The fight bacterial infections 
Immune system: 
Support for drainage and lymph flow 
Control of blood pressure (diastolic Control) 
Improvements in hair growth and skin structure 
Support as part of cancer prevention and treatment 
(WARNING: Do not use for tumors of the lymph nodes) 
Characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine point of view: 
Temperature - fresh 
flavor - slightly sweet 
tropism - spleen, kidneys, urinary bladder 
Effects of traditional Chinese medicine: 
promotes urination 
removes swelling 
moisture management 
Notes to Regulation 
Starting dose for teens and adults: 
Do body weight of 65 kg 
900 - 1,200 mg extract per day or sponge 
1.500 to 2.000 mg fungal powder to sponge on the day 
For body weight over 65 kg: 
about 1,800 mg extract per day or sponge 
2.000 to 3.000 mg fungal powder to sponge on the day 
The exact dose depends not only on the weight and age but also on the type and severity of the disease. The dosage should be monitored during the treatment and may be gradually increased, if necessary. It is recommended that individual energy testing. 
Doses above are general and the reference value may be exceeded when necessary. 
Powder or extract: 
Use of a powder or powder capsules, is generally recommended as a preventative measure completely. Extracts or combinations of extract and powder are used for an existing disease. Of course there are other possible regulations. 
Proven and tested combinations with other with medicinal mushrooms: 
The fight bacterial infections: Coriolus, Cordyceps, Reishi 
Modulation of the immune system: Reishi, Agaricus, Shiitake 
Support for drainage: Reishi 
Control of blood pressure: Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake, Auricularia 
Improving skin and hair: Reishi, Hericium, Cordyceps 
Support for cancer prevention: almost all possible 
Scientific documentation 
Components of Polyporus umbellatus 
Polyporus is mainly characterized by a wide range of substances it contains. Of particular note are the high concentrations of calcium, potassium and iron. Also, the trace elements copper, manganese and zinc are contained in notable quantities. Sponge is also rich in various B vitamins also ergosterol was detected as a precursor of vitamin D, and specific polypeptides and polysaccharides (PUP). 
For the scientific community is faced with high interest certain substances as suggested by studies play a key role as a bioactive component in the growth of new hair. 
Active principles and applications 
Better use in diuresis and urogenital infections 
Polyporus umbellatus is used for infections of the urogenital tract, mainly for two reasons: firstly, this medicinal fungus showed antibiotic effect that allows finding of pathogenic bacteria in a targeted manner. This is especially true for chlamydial infections. Secondly, it has been documented diuretic effect of certain constituents, especially Ergon (ergostatetraenon), the basic substance of sclerotia, which serves as an aldosterone antagonist. The hormone aldosterone promotes re-absorption of sodium and potassium excretion. By inhibiting the activity of aldosterone this effect is reversed, leading to increased excretion of water without increasing the excretion of potassium - it is a clear advantage in comparison with treatment with diuretics, which quickly brings potassium deficiency. 
Strengthening the immune system 
Experiments have shown that in Polyporus umbellatus polysaccharides can enhance general immune activity. Special triterpenes, called polyporusterony A and B also exhibit a strong antioxidant effect. In particular polyporusteron B is effective radial interceptor. This makes it interesting fungus not only for general immunomodulation, as well as targeted support when part of cancer therapy. 
Hair loss and hair growth disorders 
Acetosyringone and 3,4-dihydroxy benzaldehyde were identified as the other substances contained in the Polyporus. These active ingredients are probably capable of stimulating the growth of new hair. The exact mechanism that is responsible for this, however, is not yet known. 
Support recovery in disorders of the liver 
There are indications that Polyporus umbellatus has a therapeutic effect when used in liver. It was, for example, demonstrated that treatment with Polyporus after three months significantly improved laboratory parameters in patients with chronic hepatitis B. The study also showed that this fungus has cancer-suppressing effect on liver tumors. Furthermore, it appears that it is able to stabilize Polyporus immunoassay performance in the case of liver damage. 
General quality characteristics 
It is important that the product of medicinal mushrooms have superior quality to the human organism is able to benefit from the health promoting potential of medicinal mushroom. Responsible manufacturers gain accreditation, independent laboratories monitor the cultivation of mushrooms and various stages of preparation. Laboratory results should be made ​​available on request to all interested parties. 
Another benefit of the best possible product safety is processing the raw material powder or extract in accordance with strict quality standards issued in Germany, with which compliance is documented seal. 
Powder of medicinal mushroom, which is produced by a method known as a method of broken shells is considered extremely high quality because of a good bioavailability. This method has an extremely fine grain size of about 0.125 mm, which optimizes delivery of substances contained in the sponge. 
Among the most important ingredients of medicinal mushroom polysaccharides from pure hub. High-quality extracts from medicinal mushrooms are standardized by polysaccharides; polysaccharides optimum value is about 20% - 30%, since this also corresponds to the natural composition of fungi.

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