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Auricularia - Jelly Ear fungi extract (90 capsules and 500mg)

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Auricularia or the Jelly ear fungus (Auricularia polytricha), which grows all over the world on deciduous trees, you can not imagine Asian cuisine. For its Czech name Judas ear owes auricularia Christian interpretation that Judas, the traitor of Jesus, hung himself on a tribe elder, where eventually began to grow mushroom shape of the pinna. More important than the name, appearance and legends related to this fungus are mykoterapeuta substances contained in it, and what they have medicinal effects. Auricularia polytricha is one of the oldest edible mushrooms and China has been cultivated about 1,500 years. Auricularia has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries in both China and Europe.
Effects according to traditional Chinese medicine:
supplementing Qi and nourishes Xue (blood)
revives Xue (blood)
Chang strengthens movement (bowel)
Auricularia polytricha
other names
Black fungus, black Chinese mushroom, forest mushroom, mushroom ear tree, beige sponge, sponge ear cloud Mu Err mushroom of black tree, mushroom ear fungus ear woody ear, Jew's ear, jelly ear Auriculaire oreille-de-Judas, kikurage
Short profile
Auricularia polytricha is one of the oldest edible mushrooms and China has been cultivated about 1,500 years. Individually-looking fungus grows virtually all over the world on trees with broad leaves and prefers especially old black without. Her English name of Jew's ear has its origins in the Christian legend, which says that Judas hanged himself on the black elderberry on a tree trunk and grew mushrooms in the ear. Auricularia has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries in both China and Europe. It is mainly used to strengthen the blood vessels and cardiovascular system.
Use tested in practice
Treatment of circulatory problems
Reducing the risk of thrombosis
Prevention and adjunctive therapy for arteriosclerosis
Controlling the level of blood fats
Reduction of inflammation, in particular cutaneous, mucosal and ocular
Notes on prescription
The initial dose for teenagers and adults:
when health problems: 3-4 capsules daily to alleviate problems (it is advisable to consult a physician or practitioner of Chinese medicine)
We recommend always take 5 days a week and two days skip
the preventive use: 1-2 capsules daily (2-3 months per year)
pocket enjoy a meal (Min.20 minutes before or 30 minutes after meals), drink of water or weak tea
The exact dose depends not only on the weight and age but also on the type and severity of the disease. The dosage should be monitored during the treatment and may be gradually increased, if necessary. It is recommended that the individual energy testing.
The dosages given above are general and the reference value may be exceeded when necessary.
Powder or extract:
Use of a powder or powder capsules, is generally recommended as a completely preventative measures. Extract or combination of extracts and powders are used for an existing disease. Of course there are other possible regulations.
Proven and tested combination possibilities with other medicinal mushrooms:
Treatment of circulatory problems: the combination of Auricularia and Reishi
Reducing the risk of thrombosis: Auricularia and Reishi
Prevention and adjunctive therapy for arteriosclerosis: Auricularia, Reishi and Shiitake
Controlling the level of blood fats: Auricularia and Shiitake
Reduction of inflammation, in particular cutaneous, mucosal and ocular: Auricularia, Shiitake, and even it is possible Reishi.
Scientific documentation
Ingredients Auricularia polytricha
Like all medicinal mushrooms Auricularia is rich in minerals, trace elements and vitamins. It also contains beta-D-glucans, which are responsible for anti-inflammatory effect. For Auricularia specific biopolymer (EFT), which is responsible for regulating effect on blood lipids, it is unique. From Auricularia extract were also isolated specific anticoagulants lectins.
Active principles and applications
Thanks to its anticoagulant effect was Auricularia polytricha long been used as an adjunctive therapy to improve blood flow. Good results of treatment have been reported after administration of compensation Auricularia, particularly with regard to reducing the risk of strokes and heart attacks and circulatory problems. In contrast to some synthetic blood thinners, can this fungus for prophylactic use or use in existing atherosclerotic changes promote microcirculation of blood without damaging blood vessel walls.
As yet identified all the ingredients and modes of operation that may be responsible for the anticoagulant and antithrombotic effects. The high content of magnesium and potassium but certainly contributes to strengthening the heart and circulation.
Prevention and treatment of high levels of blood fats
Controlling the level of blood fats (triglycerides and cholesterol) is important for a healthy cardiovascular system. In Auricularia was identified specific biopolymer, which is responsible for the clear ability of medicinal mushrooms to reduce high levels of blood fats. The substance known under the acronym EBP boasts a high proportion of glycoprotein in its structure.
Many things also suggests that Auricularia has immunomodulatory effects - not only because of the polysaccharides it contains. Described specific protein, which proved to improve the production of immunocytes in the spleen in vitro and increased secretion of interferon gamma in these cells. It was reported also to increase NO synthesis and tumor necrosis factor alpha. So it seems that Auricularia polytricha - like all medicinal mushrooms - are well suited to enhance immunological parameters tumors.
Reduction of inflammation
Auricularia polytricha shown that anti-inflammatory effect, particularly of the skin, mucous membranes and eyes. Recent studies attributed this mainly effect of beta-D-glucans in the fungus. As documented bylinkářské old books, this effect is used for several centuries.
General quality characteristics
It is important that a product of medical mushrooms had excellent quality that the human organism can benefit from the health-promoting potential medicinal mushrooms. Responsible manufacturers gain accreditation, independent laboratories monitoring the cultivation of mushrooms and various stages of preparation. Lab results should be made available upon request to all interested parties.
Another benefit of the best possible product safety is processing raw materials into powder or extract in accordance with the strict quality standards issued in Germany, whose observance is documented seal.
Powder of medicinal mushroom, which is produced by a method known as a method of broken shells, is considered exceptionally high quality thanks to the good bioavailability. This method achieves extraordinarily fine grain size of 0.125 mm, which optimizes delivery of substances contained in the sponge.
Among the most important ingredients of medicinal mushroom polysaccharides from mushrooms clean. High-quality extracts from medicinal mushrooms are standardized by polysaccharides; polysaccharides optimal value is about 20% - 30%, because it also corresponds to the natural composition of fungi.

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