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Shungit pyramide 3 x 3 cm, polished

290,00 Kč tax incl.

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Shungit pyramid is an effective means to eliminate or reduce the impact of geopathic and technogenic zones.

Protects the apartment and workplace electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones, televisions, computers, refrigerators, etc. For neutralization of adverse radiation machine, TV, etc. Place the pyramid on or before the monitor or another source of radiation. The presence
Shungit pyramids harmonizes the atmosphere in the workplace, people are disappearing nervousness, tension and dissatisfaction. Action šungitové pyramid is changing even smell in the room.

Base of the pyramid size: 3 x 3 cm

Range of operation: 3 m from the tip of the pyramid.

Location: Pyramid operates from the base up, put it best on ground.

Shungit pyramid is an example of synergistic enhancing properties šungitu and pyramids. Submerged in water Shungit pyramid that activates water and makes it a drug. A small pyramid (40x40 to 50x50 mm) stand at the bottom of a glass container at 2-3 liters of water, and put it in bright place for 48-72 hours. Then the water is ready for external and internal use. At long macerated with water activity begins to decrease. The curative therapeutic purposes, we recommend drinking water pyramidal three times daily 100-150 g, regardless of when you eat. It is reported that the beneficial effect of water on the whole organism: improves the overall condition removes the nervous tension is felt the influx of forces and energy. Therapy of this water has a faster effect than the effect itself pyramid. Excellent results have šungitové water use in cosmetics: the treated skin to clean, stretching, tiny wrinkles are smoothed away pimples and boils. allergic rashes. They lose the dandruff, significantly improves the quality of hair. Results of some studies show that premature zšedivělé hair can take your original color. Šungitová Warm water is an excellent therapeutic agent for irrigation and gargling: for sore throat, mouth, nose and periodontitis, colds, tonsillitis, flu, bronchitis, etc. are very healthy šungitové baths. Soothe, relieve stress, fatigue, harmonize the body and normalize sleep. Already after the first bath to heal small cracks, sores, and after several treatments to heal and even more serious problems - peeling skin, eczema, fungus, allergies.



  • disinfect and clean water - absorbs and removes heavy metals from water, ferric additives, organic compounds, microbes, trace elements enriched water, changing the energy-information structure, recharged it and activates
  • effectively absorbs electromagnetic radiation, neutralizes GPZ and technogenic impacts
  • improves the microclimate, harmonizing environment, energy and power supplies
  • have medicinal, healing and antiseptic effects

What is Shungit?

Shungit is 2 billion years old rock polyminerální carbon, which is the only locality in Karelia in northwestern Russia. Šungit is very unusual composition, structure, physical and chemical properties, has a mysterious origin and a wide range of applications.
Scientific research has shown many amazing
Shungit features. It is not only about healing stones, as well as jammers and blocks geopathic zones for water treatment.

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