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Shungit drop pendant 3 x 5 cm, thick 1 cm

370,00 Kč tax incl.

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Jewelry from Shungit can be used to treat the chakras, energy supplementation, harmonize and strengthen the body. Permanent šungitových wearing pendants and necklaces are recommended as an adjunct treatment for thyroid disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, psoriasis and other skin problems.



  • disinfect and clean water - absorbs and removes heavy metals from water, ferric additives, organic compounds, microbes, trace elements enriched water, changing the energy-information structure, recharged it and activates
  • effectively absorbs electromagnetic radiation, neutralizes GPZ and technogenic impacts
  • improves the microclimate, harmonizing environment, energy and power supplies
  • have medicinal, healing and antiseptic effects

What is Shungit?

Shungit is 2 billion years old rock polymineral carbon, which is the only locality in Karelia in northwestern Russia on Lake Onega. Shungit is very unusual composition, structure, physical and chemical properties, has a mysterious origin and a wide range of applications. Scientific research has shown many amazing features šungitu. It is not only about healing stones, as well as jammers and blocks geopathic zones for water treatment.

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